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Decorative Veneers

Truwood veneers are handpicked at exotic locales in Europe, America and Africa, and have the international standard thickness of 0.6mm as against 0.3mm-0.4mm thick veneers cut in India. These veneers are characterized by uniform thickness, distinct figure, and well defined grain. Shreekrishna Plywoods deals in complete range of Truwood Veneers including:

Natural Veneers & Burls: Rare and resilient natural veneers and burls with exquisite designs.
Brasil Veneers: Luxuriously textured veneers imported from tropical jungles of Brazil and Chile
Truwood Symmetry: Stunning, richly grained veneers crafted in a transverse (or horizontal) manner
Cappuccino Veneer: Classic dark veneers with cream hues in Oak, Wenge, Ebony, and Walnut tones
Cocktail Veneer: A blend of tasty, cool & spicy veneers that elevate your interiors to a new high
Barbeque Veneer: Natural veneers which have been darkened by a simulated and accelerated ageing process
Mossaic Veneer: Veneers using interplay of contrast, size, colour & Texture to create rippling designs
Australian Veneer: Contemporary naturally patterned veneers from Australian forests with dark and fiery textures

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